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History of Shiasm

Translators note 

This book originally entitled Fitnah Ibn Sabaʼ, better known as History of Shīʿasm is an extremely well researched and comprehensive book. This book was prepared and published by the Islamic assembly, under the guidance of Moulānā ʿAbd al-Shakūr al-Farūqī V, as Moulānā possessed a unique proficiency in this subject. He had great regard for this book, which discusses the history of the Shīʿah creed as well as the complete life story of its founder- the famous munāfiq, ʿAbd Allah ibn Sabaʼ. It has clearly elucidated the manner in which this munāfiq outwardly embraced Islam and later became successful in sowing discord amongst the Muslims and creating an entirely new religion.

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